Three Things I Can’t Live Without

   One of the thing that I can’t live without is my credit card that from Kakao. I ordered my credit card when I finished my Korean CSAT test and when I just turned twenty years old. I always have it because my Mom gave it to me, and I was annoyed by every single message that deliver to my Mom when I bought something, so I ordered my  own card. The card was free to order, but it took about a week to get it. I was so happy when I got this credit card not just only because of its color and design, also many discount benefits and events that make me feel like a economical person. It is my favourite color, pink, and there is a Kakao character which named Apeach. It is important to me, not just for my survival, but also because this is my first credit card that ordered by me and I’m the only person who can see the bills. I feel it is the symbol of my independence. I always keep my card in my phone case for convenient use. I hope not to lose my card and use it economically.


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