A Social problem, Suicide

     A social issue which concern me is the high suicide rate in South Korea. I’m interested in this topic because in this year some of my acquaintances committed suicide and many famous Korean stars. Suicide is the action that someone who intentionally takes his or her own life. South Korea is the country that has one of the highest suicide rate in the world especially among teenagers and older adults. This social problem causes by lots of different reasons. It may be because of high depression and stress, deep sorrow, loneliness, too much pressure in study and grade for future, military services, high unemployment or other personal problems. In general, people chose to suicide themselves when they couldn’t overcome the negative impulse toward their life. As a solution, there are medical treatments, but many people think it is very embarrassing to get a treatment or express their difficulties even to their family. However, we need to know that mentally ill is not an embarrassment, it is natural, and it can be heal. The best way to prevent suicide is to recognize the warning signs and take them seriously and taking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to their words and speak up if you’re worried. Offer help and support, let your loved one know that he or she is not alone and that you care. In conclusion, it is important to take care and encourage people who in bad condition. Help them to change their negative mind to positive through conversation can save their life.  



My Dream Home

   I would like to build my dream house like a luxurious palace or like the Hollywood famous star’s house. I want my home located in Beverly Hills. The building will be shaped in square. It will be built in three stories include with rooftop. The outside gate will be very tall because of the security. In the front yard there will be a sparkling fountain with lots of plants and lighting. And in the backyard I will make a huge pool with spa, cave, and diving place. Inside the house, there will be two kitchens, three living rooms, five bedrooms, and six baths. I want to make my own movie theater, a fitness room, a huge dress room, and a wine bar. I will put modern furnishing, trendy architectures in my house. The whole house will be decorated in white marbles and wooden, because I think it can show simple and fancy sense. Also I would like to use the high-tech, eco-friendly housing system so that I can save energy to protect the environment and save money for myself. I would like to live in my house with my future boyfriend or with all my family. I think I need about $10 million dollar and 7,000 square feet of lands to build this house. I have to earn a lots of money to live in this house and I will be very happy if I could live in a house that design by me.


My Dream Vacation

   I would like to go Thailand on my dream vacation. I would like to go with my best friends on winter vacation for building memories and avoid the cold of Korea winter. I will start my travel routine from Bangkok and prepare my trip money by doing some part time jobs such as serving dishes at restaurants. I think $2000 dollars and two weeks is enough for traveling Thailand. I have always dreamed of eating tropical fruits, walking along the seashore with my pattern dress and straw hat, snorkelling, and take a full course of traditional Thailand massages that half cheaper than my country. So I will fly to Bangkok from Inchoeon Airport. Go to Asiatique, which is the famous luxurious night market, go to Koh Samet which is a small island with beautiful beaches that located about 124 miles southeast of Bangkok, take massage in the famous Thailand massage shop name Body Tune, stay in 5 stars Hotel, eat some famous traditional food and shopping at duty free shop. I think if I study little bits of history and easy real life Thai it would be great. I hope my dream vacation will be fantastic, and I could enjoy my rest time.

Internet Vocabulary – Clicktivism


    One term we think is important to know is Clicktivism. It is a noun which means the act of making political statements through sending out massages using a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc in order to organise and promote political or social causes and movements. Clicktivism is a portmanteau of words click and activism. Its popularisation is associated with US editor Micah White. He explained that Clicktivism in the newspaper in 2010. It is a significant new word because now in the digital age it easy to voice one’s support for a cause or raise awareness and to change thinking about a particular issue by the click of a button. Several examples of Clicktivisms you might know are the “Ice Bucket Campaign”, “Facilitating Boycotts”, and “ Google Bombing.”

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

   One of the thing that I can’t live without is my credit card that from Kakao. I ordered my credit card when I finished my Korean CSAT test and when I just turned twenty years old. I always have it because my Mom gave it to me, and I was annoyed by every single message that deliver to my Mom when I bought something, so I ordered my  own card. The card was free to order, but it took about a week to get it. I was so happy when I got this credit card not just only because of its color and design, also many discount benefits and events that make me feel like a economical person. It is my favourite color, pink, and there is a Kakao character which named Apeach. It is important to me, not just for my survival, but also because this is my first credit card that ordered by me and I’m the only person who can see the bills. I feel it is the symbol of my independence. I always keep my card in my phone case for convenient use. I hope not to lose my card and use it economically.

My Classmate, Jeong Eui-jae

    This week I interviewed Jeong Eui-jae, and I found him to be diligent and kind. He is very tall and has a relaxed tone of voice. He is twenty three years old. His hometown is GangDongGu, Seoul, and he thinks Seoul is the most liveable place in the country, because he get used to its environment. He graduated from Paichai High School. He told me that he is very interested in math, and he thinks learning math can be used in many different kinds of fields such as coding, calculating, and analysing data. So he is now majoring in Math at Korea University in Sejong Campus, but he will move into Korea University in Anam next semester. He told me he wants to work in nano technology in the future. He likes to weight train and eat bulgogi. He usually exercises, studies his major subject, mentors students, and volunteers to clean at Welfare institutions. He thinks friendship and personal life are the most important thing in his life. Through this interview, I think he is a person that have a detailed plan for his future, and work hard for the higher goal. It was a great time interviewing with him!